Competence for over 115 years

1899 Ernst Boetker founded the family-run company BOETKER as a smithery in the family’s home at Kronenstrasse 5 in Bremen.
Even 100 years ago, there was a need to have several legs to stand on, and so Ernst Boetker started building scales for trade and industry.


1910 Adolf Boetker joined the company after passing his examination as master artisan.
During a bomb attack in World War II, the residential house and fitter’s shop were completely destroyed. At the end of the war, Adolf Boetker started up business again on a bombed-out site in Grosse Hundestrasse.


1947 At the tender age of 18, Ralf Boetker succeeded his father in the firm.


1958 He purchased a larger plot, measuring 250 sqm in Westerstrasse, opposite the Hachez chocolate factory.
Here he built a hall spanning 150 sqm, with 20 sqm of office space.


1965 Ralf Boetker moved out of the city to the nearby town of Stuhr-Varrel.
On 10,000 sqm of land, he first built a hall of 900 sqm, which was later expanded in three phases to 3,000 sqm.


1968 Ralf Boetker bought an additional 10,000 sqm of land to build up the production of aluminium elements.


1971 The first automatic doors were manufactured. Soon afterwards, this developed into a separate department - today’s BOETKER PORTALTECHNIK.


1986 After graduating in business administration and engineering, André Boetker joined the company as the fourth generation.


1988 André Boetker took over the management of the company together with a longstanding employee, Heiko Prigge. Mr. Prigge had started with the firm in 1964. From 1983 until his retirement in 2005, was also managing partner.


1992 An independent subsidiary was established in Berlin.


1993 Ralf Boetker retired for reasons of poor health.


1994 A separate company was set up in Berlin for automatic doors only - PRIGGE AUTOMATIKTÜREN


1999 The 100-year anniversary of the company was celebrated.


2004 BOETKER PORTALTECHNIK was founded in Nuremberg.


2008 The steel and stainless-steel department was spun off through the founding of K + B METALLBAU at a location nearby.