Boetker Group

Our family-owned company has specialized in structures of metal and glass for over 115 years now.

Today, our experts in Bremen, Berlin and Nuremberg are leaders in designing, engineering and implementing modern metal-glass facades and entrance portals to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.
Glass roofing and custom structures are as much a part of our wide-ranging portfolio as the professional fitting of buildings with automatic doors, HSW systems and revolving doors from our own production facilities.

In the field of traditional metalworking, we also build window and door elements in the classic way from steel and stainless steel, together with fire doors, display windows, canopies and railings.

Our scales division, also founded in 1899, caters to an entirely different range of customer requirements - here we provide our clients from trade, industry and agriculture with all the products and services offered by modern weighing technology.

Our many decades of experience, combined with a deep knowledge of the latest methods and technologies, make it possible for us to realize the highest demands made by modern architecture.

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